E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC # edcmooc, #edmooc, #edmchat

I started my first MOOC last week offered by University of Edinburgh and I have already started thinking about technology differently. I am humbled at the opporunity of sharing knowlege and learning from more than 40,000 like-minded people.  I am part of  a great study group called Hello Atlanta – Rise Up!!. 

Although, I felt overwhelmed the first week with all the tweets and blogs, I feel I have an handle on things. Cinzia Gabellini, a member of our study group posted a great blog to keep us on track.  Shared experiences have a way of lifting us up. 

My observations for the first week:

1. I have to be disciplined – watch the videos, complete the readings, join/review hangout sessions and read at least one to two blogs suggested by the instructors, example : a blog inside the course called Made by you

2. Examing digital and e-learning cultures in utopian or dystopian sides of the same coin. 

3. Understanding the cultural divide between digital natives and digital immigrants. David Hopkins provides a comprehensive blog on this topic.